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Mobile Safari Rendering Issue


  • Joerg started the conversation

    Hi ArtOfThemes

    Thank you for this superb design. Unfortunately, I’ve found two bugs on
    mobile Safari (current iOS version, both iPhone and iPad):
    In index-onestore.html the diagonal textures don’t render properly and
    look blurry – also the parallax-onestore background images don’t fit in
    the browser window – they are oversized. Is there a fix / workaround

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    ArtofThemes replied

    Hi Joerg,

    thank you very much for your interest. Could I see your homepage, please?

    Kind Regards,

  • Joerg replied

    Thank you for your reply. It happens with your demo page: http://demo.artofthemes.com/html/proflex/index-onestore.html

    I found a workaround for both problems. On mobile safari (iOS 7 and above) “background-attachment: fixed” doesn’t work (google for it). That’s why I’m using “background-attachment: scroll” and go without the fixed background parallax images.

    The blurry diagonal textures are awefully scaled on an iPhone 6 -> that’s why I’ve resized them to better suit all resolutions