How to fix “Unable to load user” without reinstalling whole Joomla! Quickstart

  1. Please backup your database before making any modifications to it!
  2. Open your Joomla database using the PHPMyadmin tool or use one of the other extensions.
  3. In your configuration.php file check what database prefix you have used for this installation. As you can see it:
  4. public $dbprefix = '#_';
  5. Now in your DataBase Manager tool use the search option and search for the “#_users” table – where “#” is your Joomla! database prefix. Or just scroll through the whole screen until you find this.
  6. Change that user’s ID to 214 (or whatever ID given by your error message) in the #__users table. Remember to Save changes.
  7. That’s all, this issue should be fixed.