Installation problem with joomla 3.2: Fatal error: Class RokInstallerJAdministratorWrapper may not inherit from final class (JApplicationAdministrator) in ... How to fix this?

It turned out that this is an issue with the Upgrade Process in Joomla 3.2 - it does not update the Database automatically.
So here is the solution, few simple steps you need to perform:

1. Rename the "remember.php" file to "remember_old.php" in "root/plugins/system/remember".
2. Reload the Admin Panel. This time it will be loaded. It will look a bit weird (broken) but you will still be able to access what you need.
3. Go to Extensions -> Extension Manage -> Database and click on the "Fix" button. Thishow your Database wil be upgraded.
4. Go back to "root/plugins/system/remember" and rename the "remember_old.php" file back to "remember.php".

This is a general issue related to Joomla 3.2. It is not related to Gantry or to our templates...

Yours sincerely,